Ms Hos-McGrane's Grade 6
Social Studies Class

Welcome to our Project:
A Day in the Life

A site which we studied
for our project was: 'Flints & Stones'
from Museum of Antiquities (Newcastle, UK)

As part of the unit on human origins, my class traveled back in time 400,000 years and spent the day living with a band of Homo Erectus who were camped at Terra Amata (present day Nice, France). Here are some of their stories.

  • A Visit to Terra Amata
    by Michal C.

  • A Day at Terra Amata
    by Christian M.

Here are some other links to interesting sites on human origins.

Stone Age Habitats Graduate Student Research Project, University of Pennsylvania, includes information about finds from Terra Amata.

The Life & Times of Early Man: Mrs Donn's Online History Resources

Science Odyssey: You Try It: Human Evolution: PBS Online

The Long Foreground: Human Prehistory and Hunting and Gathering Professor R. Hooker, Washington State University

Neandertals: A Cyber Perspective.: Kharlena Ramanan, Indiana State University