[Grade 6 Projects]

Ms Hos-McGrane's Grade 6
Social Studies Class

Report on "Icebergs and Glaciers"
by Natalie & Gabriella

The Ocean Project   In the first quarter of Grade 6 students study the topic of water. In Social Studies we look at the ocean crisis, overfishing, pollution, the world's water and so on, and at the same time in Science we do experiments with water.

In 1996, for the first time, students also had four periods of week of Information Technology, where they were taught information literacy and research skills as well as computer literacy. Students spent some time in the classroom, some time in the library and some time in the computer lab. Our first major research topic was entitled The Ocean Project. Students had to choose a topic to do with water, and had to look at the topic from both a science and social studies point of view. Here is a report on Icebergs and Glaciers. produced by two of the students.

Includes a report on the
sinking of the Titanic