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What is a Creation Myth ?

Common Elements
in Creation Myths

Introduction. As our early ancestors studied the world around them they began to tell stories to try to explain the natural phenomena they observed, and to make sense to such things as life and death, the changing seasons, natural disasters etc.. The stories differed greatly from place to place and from time to time, and were largely influenced by the natural environment that people found themselves in, the animals they hunted, and so on.

As part of our study of ancient peoples, my Grade 6 class decided to make an investigation into some of the creation myths and legends from their own cultures which have been passed down from generation to generation. Here are their stories.

You can read about our project and more in the March '99 edition of Exploring Literacy on the Internet from Reading Online.

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Social Studies Class

Welcome to our Project:
Creation Stories and Myths

  Aztec Creation Story
by Sarah F

  The Japanese Sun Goddess Myth
by Saki

  Oceania: The Myth
by Christian M.

  Eternal Life
by Michal C.

  Dan Gun: First King of Korea
by Nam Kyu W.

  Birth of the Butterflies
by David E.

  The Sun's Children
by Jennifer J.

  God Wulbari
by Justin W.

  Glooscap & the Water Monster
by Sandy O.

  Life and Death in India
by Kamram K.

  How People Stole Fire
by Linn W.

  The Frog Princess
by Artyom K.

Internet Resources: Creation Stories, Folktales, and Mythology

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth

Online exhibition inspired by Joseph Campbell's story of the "hero's journey" hosted by Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Creation Myths in Art

Many of the images in this collection from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts represent myths that explain a practice, belief, institution, or natural phenomenon. The Yoruba king's crown, the Roman furniture decoration, and the abstract designs on the Navajo ketoh and the Lakota dress refer to creation stories.

Enclopedia Mythica
This is an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend. It contains numerous definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures from all over the world.

The Blooming Flower of Flores

A traditional Indonesian folk tale from students at Fahan Junior School in Tasmania. Here visitors will find similar projects from other schools including The Legend of the city of Surabaya .

Creation Mythology: Research, Art and Stories

Student project 1995 from Princeton High School (US).

Creation Stories from Around the World

Web Site of the Religious Education Department of Painsley Catholic High School, Cheadle, UK. (Looks best in Internet Explorer browser.)

Legends from Oban the Knowledge Keeper

Collection of creation and origin stories from Bob Smith and Mary Lancaster in Australia.

Creation Stories and Traditional Wisdom

Creation myths, origin stories and animal legends from Canada, Australia, Iceland and Israel.

Water, Wind and Fire

Tale of how the elements of water, wind and fire learned to live together retold and illustrated by Linda Hastings.

The Creation of the Night

Here is a legend from Brazil about why the "night" was first created.

Notive American Stories

Several excellent stories including Apache creation story and from the Iroquois people "How Fire Came To The Six Nations" .

The Creation of the World

Norse tale of creation of the world from part of large site on Norse Mythology.

The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of Mythology

A large site which divides the subject into three categories: pure myth (primitive science and primitive religion), heroic saga (primitive history), and folklore (fictional stories). There is a section on Creation and Flood Myths.