Grade 6 Projects

Ms Hos-McGrane's Grade 6
Social Studies Class

Welcome to our Project: Cro Magnon Caves

After spending a day with Homo Erectus we moved several thousands of years in time and decided to pay a visit to the Cro Magnons, who lived about 40,000 years ago. On our return to the twentieth century all the students in my class decided to make models or dioramas of the Cro Magnon homes. They were really creative, not just in making the caves out of boxes and papier mache, but also in the decorations and artifacts they placed in the caves. Here are the photos of the homes they constructed, and each student has also explained in his or her own words how they were made.

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follow the links we studied:
Cave Paintings from Ardèche France
Cave of Lascaux

Table of Contents

Saki and Natsu's Cave

Sandy and Linn's Cave

Sarah and Jennifer's Cave

Christian and Kamran's Cave

Michal and Candace: The Cave !

Artyom, Justin and David's Cave

.Thomas, Nam Kyu , Seung Yeob's Cave